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Please print your label and carefully pack your iPhone(s) and drop them off at your nearest UPS Store. A printable copy of your label will be emailed to you also.

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We only purchase Original iPhones manufactured by Apple Inc. Use this guide to identify your iPhone using the model number. A model number is printed on every iPhone. Locate this number on the back of your iPhone, under the Apple Logo.


With so many different websites offering cash for iPhone, who can you really trust?

To distinguish ourselves amongst the other websites, Recycle4Cash offers you a 100% Guarantee! Sell iPhone!

When selling your iphone, include all original parts and accessories that came with the iPhone at time of purchase. This includes the box, usb cable, wall charger, and headphones. Sell iPhone. This will ensure you receive the highest payout that is listed above in the "How much cash we promise you" section of the website.


Starting out in 2009 as an iPhone Repair Shop, Recycle4Cash Inc, spent most of their time selling iPhone, not repairing them. By 2010 was ready to expand the business into the entire United States.
In just the first year, Recycle4Cash established a reputation that stands for Customer Service, Trust, and Outstanding Payouts.
"I've been studying the many different websites that offer cash for iPhones, and trust me, you don't want to sell your iPhone to the wrong hands. Our offers are 100% guaranteed, there are no strings or gimmicks." - CEO Alexandre Tchogorian


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